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Who we are

Experts with years of experience

We have been operating on the Czech market in computer technology since 2004.
We are a reliable partner of many small and medium-sized companies and educational institutions.

Thanks to our capabilities and many years of experience we are able to respond to customer needs in the short term.

We prefer an individual approach and we always choose the most optimal way in order to find a long-term effective solution.

Our philosophy

Why choose us?

We listen

We always choose an individual approach. We would love to listen to your story as well as your ideas and take them into account while for the solution tailored to your special needs.

Complex solution

Time is the most expensive commodity, and therefore we strive to provide the widest range of services throughout the world of computer technologies under one roof.


IT technology changes faster than others, so we are constantly educating ourselves, investigating new technologies and recommend them when they make sense.


We love our work, so you can be assured that each project is well-thought-out. Enthusiasm leads us forward, we love challenges and overcoming them even more.


Professional computer
service and repair

  • service of both branded computing devices and assembled computers
  • service of laptops, cleaning, diagnosis, repairs, replacing displays
  • OS reinstalling, cleaning, virus removing, installing drivers
  • installation and configuration of software according to requirements
  • diagnosis and repair of printers, multi-function devices

Sales of computer equipment and supplies

  • wholesale and retail sale of computers and other equipment
  • merchandise from exclusive domestic distributors
  • sale of supplies for all types of printers
  • sale of assembled computer sets and servers
  • sale of licenses of Windows, Office and security software

Consultancy in the field of information technology

  • assistance with selection of HW and SW according to your requirements
  • advice concerning security and data backup
  • security of existing networks using both HW and SW elements
  • assistance with upgrading existing computing devices
  • pricing studies based on specific requirements and conditions

Website and app development

  • drafting professional or personal websites
  • coding using modern technologies (HTML5, CSS3)
  • webhosting and management of websites
  • specialized web applications tailored to your needs
  • installing content management system according to requirements

Internet connection
(wireless, fibre)

  • analysis of the signal quality of available providers
  • construction and coordination of a fibre-optic connection
  • assembly of client devices in the 5 GHz band according to CSN
  • HW firewall configuration based on the customer requirements
  • optimal configuration of the terminal equipment

Setting up a home network (wireless, metal cable)

  • installation of structured cabling, including active components
  • configuration of AP/router for home use
  • creating an intelligent networks using NAS (Network Attached Storage)
  • implementation of network printers (Wi–Fi, Ethernet)
  • interconnection of embedded devices with the Internet (IoT)

Enterprise network solution and management

  • installation of structured cabling, including active components
  • construction of microwave connections and fibre optic lines
  • incorporation of electronic systems for modern buildings
  • supply and configuration of active elements and servers
  • server virtualization, remote user support

Television distribution systems (terrestrial, satellite)

  • distribution of digital channels for homes and apartment buildings
  • analysis and design optimal distribution of television
  • providing receiving of terrestrial and satellite digital broadcasting
  • supply and installation of high-quality technology and service
  • configuration receivers including use instructions

We have established a long-term cooperation with dozens of entrepreneurs and companies

DANÍČEK s.r.o.


GANAS, spol. s r.o.

Jeřábová technika

SG.3 Service s.r.o.

Bezpečnostní agentura

MIPRA Zlín, s.r.o.

Účetnictví & mzdové agendy

Roadhouse s.r.o.


Pahrbek s.r.o.

Rekreační areál v Napajedlích


Autodoprava, logistika

Spojmat CZ, s.r.o.

Dodavatel spojovacího materiálu

BV Auto Zlín s.r.o.

Prodej a servis Audi

MEGAT - výroba z plastů Zlín spol. s r.o.

GYNIN s.r.o.

Gynekologická ordinace

TAŠ-STAPPA beton, spol s r. o.

We provide management and delivery of computer technology in a number of educational institutions

Základní škola Zlín, Dřevnická 1790

Základní škola a Mateřská škola Racková, okres Zlín

Mateřská škola Zlín, Osvoboditelů 3778

Mateřská škola Zlín - Kudlov, Na Vrchovici 21

Mateřská škola Zlín, tř. Svobody 835

Mateřská škola Zlín, Na Vyhlídce 1016

Mateřská škola Zlín, Luční 4588

Mateřská škola Zlín, Slinová 4225

Richard Orsava

Sales Department

+420 775 607 101

Barbora Jonáková

Accountant Department

+420 775 607 102

Martin Kodeš

Computer Repair Technician

+420 777 643 782

Zdeněk Hradil

Service of Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Fibre

+420 775 305 225

Zdeněk Hradil

Webhosting, Back-end Developer

+420 775 305 225

Milan Štefánik

IT Consultant

+420 731 478 934